Stress accelerates chronic diseases

The stress it is a healthy and adaptive response to an event; however, when it is not managed properly it can maintain or aggravate diseases Chronicles like diabetes , hypertension , gastric and allergic problems, eating disorders , depression , anxiety He pointed out psychologist María Isabel Herrera Villalpando .

The doctor attached to Department of Psychotherapy of the National Institute of Psychiatry "Ramón de la Fuente", detailed that the behavior of anguish constant generates stress chronic, which causes people to become irritable, record fast behaviors when talking or walking, and decrease their concentration.

In addition, with this condition, the presence of chronic conditions is accelerated in those who have risk factors, gastrointestinal difficulties occur, which if permanent or continuous become gastritis or colitis .

The specialist recommends that patients take a few minutes to perform breaths slow and deep diaphragmatic, as well as practice relaxation muscular and mental, to reduce anger, sadness , worries and negative thoughts.

In times of stress, avoid the consumption of coffee, tea and light drinks, because they contain caffeine, which increases the activity of the nervous system. In addition, it reduces the intake of red meats and increases the amount of vegetables and fruits, as well as relaxing foods such as yogurt, almonds, warm milk or chocolate.

Before going to sleep you can do some exercises like yoga or meditation , that can help you have a dream repairman; avoid turning on the television to sleep and rest for at least six hours a day. And you, do you live stressed? how you relax?

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