Strengthen your defenses with lactobacilli

We find lactobacilli in probiotic products, that is, in those foods that contain live microorganisms, which serve to strengthen the immune system and allow the proper functioning of the intestinal flora.

In an interview with Dr. David Philippe, an expert in the area of ​​Immunology at the University of Lille in France, he affirms that the frequent use of lactobacilli can counteract some intestinal infections and eradicate some types of diarrhea, allergies and flu.

In this regard, the specialist said that taking lactobacilli is beneficial at any age of the human being, since it improves their immune system: "Even if a person is taking an antibiotic and consumes this type of probiotic, they will help him, because they will regenerate their flora intestinal and strengthen their defenses. "

They reduce infections

Lactobacilli favor the production of vitamins, eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and therefore, stomach infections; reduces cholesterol levels, promotes the digestive process and improves the assimilation of nutrients:

Life expectancy grows

Dr. Philippe stated that frequent intake of probiotics allows you to have a healthy bowel and colon; life expectancy increases, by preventing certain circulation problems, infections and inflammations in the stomach.

Lactobacilli can be consumed at any age; There are no contraindications, as they are a natural source of healthy vitamins, minerals and bacteria for the body:

"It is important to buy products that are certified by doctors and credibility laboratories so that they give the correct benefits to the body and can be taken for prolonged periods," Dr. Philippe reiterated.

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