Strengthen your bones and avoid injuries

International Osteoporosis Foundation affirms that each three seconds one registers fracture because of the osteoporosis in the world. Because this disease has a great impact on health, mainly on women, we share postures of yoga for strengthen your bones .


The practice of yoga strengthens the density of bones . It is effective for reduce the hormone levels of stress (cortisol ), which allows conserving the calcium" , it states Loren M. Fishman , medical director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Manhattan , U.S.


Strengthen your bones and avoid injuries

Fishman concludes, after making a study , that those who practice 10 minutes of yoga daily have the bones plus powerful than those who do not.

In them, not only stopped the lost of bone , but the bone mineral density of the hip recovered 0.5 points and 0.12 that of the vertebral column, "says the specialist .

These are some postures that you can perform to strengthen your bones. Be careful when doing them.



This position allows you to stretch and strengthen the thighs, hips, knees , ankles and spine. Separate the feet at shoulder height. All to the left side. Open the foot with the arm parallel to the floor. Bend the torso and touch the foot with your hand. Keep your right arm up, in line with your left arm. Look towards the right hand. Remember to do deep breaths .

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