Store information before age 5!

Do you remember when you were a baby? When did you say your first words or when did you see your parents for the first time? A study details that the high production of neurons It's the culprit that you do not remember when you were a baby.

According to the investigation of Children's Hospital and the University of Toronto, in Canada , points out that the formation of new cells brain increases the ability to learn and cleans the mind of old memories.

The researchers assure that the neurogenesis (formation of new neurons in the hippocampus) has its highest peak before and after birth, but decreases during childhood and adulthood.


Store information before age 5!

The study details that the increase in neurogenesis after the formation of memory, it can cause forgetting.

"Before the age of five we have a hippocampus (zone) cerebral related to memories) very dynamic that can not store long-term information, "the researchers point out. When new neurons are generated, the memories of early childhood are reduced.

In short, the research indicates that the brain of a neonate is 25% of what will be in adulthood, but this growth is what impacts on the future memory of people. And you, how do you take care of your memory?

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