Stop your cravings

The constant food cravings are one of the biggest obstacles for a person who wants lose weight Or improve your diet. This desire is usually due to the addition of a recurrent habit for several years, according to researchers at the University of Missouri, United States, therefore it is important to learn to modify them in order to reduce cravings.

To the above, problems like the anxiety or addiction to certain substances of the same foods, such as salt, sugar or preservatives, among others, which makes it more likely to reduce cravings.

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Stop your cravings

According to various studies, the first key to reduce cravings is to accept that these exist, from which you can begin to take certain measures, such as:

1. Breakfast A study of Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, University of Missuri indicates that a breakfast rich in protein is an effective strategy to control the appetite and reduce cravings for the rest of the day. A breakfast rich in vegetable proteins, cereals and fiber is highly recommended, according to the researchers.

2. Imagination. Researchers of the Carnegie Mellon University They explain that one of the secrets to reduce cravings is imagination. Because it is generated by thinking about the smell, taste and act of eating certain foods, such as chocolate; therefore, imagining that one eats it, how it tastes and chews can help overcome that sensation, according to Carey Morewedge, lead author of the study.

3. Yogurt and nuts . In the long term, eating yogurt and hard-shelled nuts, such as nuts or almonds, helps reduce cravings and lose weight more than fruit or vegetables, according to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health published in the magazine New England Journal of Medicine.

4. Sleep well. According to a study of the University of Chicago , while we make a diet to lose weight, sleeping throughout the night causes more fat to be lost. Specifically, if we reduce our sleep to only 5.5 hours we lose the same weight as after resting 8.5 hours, but the burning of fats is reduced by half and we are more susceptible to cravings.

5. Eat slow . Eating quickly reduces the segregation of hormones that cause the sensation of being full. The reduction of these hormones would lead us to Eat excessively and, therefore, to suffer more cravings, according to researchers from the University of Purdue, United States.

In addition to the previous points, specialists recommend dissociating the feelings of the food, since the cravings relate to certain emotions and affective needs, in addition to states such as Stress or boredom