Stop drinking soda and drink water

If you are one of the people that shouts 'from the rooftops' that is on a diet, which promises to comply with the letter, but at the first opportunity breaks it, you have to keep reading this.


If people knew that losing weight is easy, if they propose it and they think about it, everything would be different, "says Julieta Navarrete, nutritionist.

The specialist recommends changing the way of referring to saying that a weight reduction plan is being carried out.


When people say 'I am on a diet' they feel punished, but instead if they say that they changed their eating habits to eat healthily, it will be easier to achieve, he says.

To achieve the figure you've always wanted, the expert shares the following tips.


Stop drinking soda and drink water

Drink two liters of water a day. Your body will eliminate toxins through urine.


Change the coffee for green tea

Coffee will only increase your stress level, whereas green tea is a natural fat burner.


Goodbye fried foods

Eating them only causes you addiction for wanting more and they will stay in your waist and hip.


Avoid the consumption of white flour and sugar

If you do, your metabolism will accelerate and in addition to losing weight, you will avoid cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


Do not be fooled by the term "Multigrans"

That word what you mean is processed carbohydrates. Choose only "Integral Grain" products.


Read labels

Avoid any product that contains sugar as the main source of carbohydrates or that has ingredients such as corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. It is also important that you observe the amount of sodium they contain because they hide calories in it.


Do not trust the 'light'

If you think that what you consume is low in calories and you can afford to eat more, you're wrong.

If you do these recommendations to lose weight , you will achieve that goal that you have proposed for so many years and you will feel much better with yourself.

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