Stop being an emotional eater!

Sometimes it is difficult to control the anxiety by eat, especially if we live an environment full of stressful elements: work and family

In an interview, the psychologist Begoña Remis He notes that there are two types of hunger, physical and emotional or lightning. The first refers to the natural need of the body, while the second only arises with specific emotions.


"Normally, people who are emotionally hungry seek comfort or gratification in food, but in the end feel remorse for having consumed," says the specialist.


Stop being an emotional eater!

Normally when you are sad, angry, happy, stressed or worried, all you want is to consume something sweet or rich in fat, which encourages the overweight and obesity. Therefore it is essential that you know the basic tools to successfully handle this anxiety

1. Visualize your emotions

Before eating any food, analyze the environment, the situation and the emotions you feel at that moment.

By identifying the origin of the impulse gives you the opportunity to solve without consuming too much food.

2. Take a deep breath and change your mind

According to a study published in the journal British Journal of Health Psychology When you give full attention to each emotion you have the ability to think of more positive things.

3. Attend therapy

The specialists guide you to manage the overweight in the social, family and couple. They also help you understand your emotional relationship with food and create awareness of why you eat too much.


Act on time!

The best way to control your impulses to eat more and lose weight, is to take an integral treatment, where a doctor, a nutritionist, a physical therapist and a psychologist provide personalized follow-up.


"People who adopt a comprehensive treatment to lose weight successfully achieve their goal than those who initiate a diet by themselves," concludes Begoña Remis.

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