Ssa launches reforms on aesthetic treatments

The Health Secretary Federal (Ssa), published on Thursday, September 2, reforms to the General law of health regarding the practice of Cosmetic surgeries , issuance of diplomas and diplomas, as well as regarding products for slim down or thicken some part of the body.

In the decree that was announced in the Official Journal of the Federation by which various articles are reformed and added, it is established that only officially recognized higher education and health institutions issue diplomas of medical specialties.

The information published in the agency Notimex , points out that in order to carry out specialty surgical medical procedures, it is required that the expert has been trained and supervised by the National Standards Committee of Medical Specialty Councils .

Regarding products to lose weight or thicken body parts, as well as vary the proportions thereof, which contain hormones , vitamins and substances with therapeutic action, should be considered as medicines and subject to the provisions of the legislation.

The document that will come into force next Friday indicates that in order to perform any specialty surgical medical procedure, professionals will require a specialist certificate issued in a legal manner, in addition to a current certificate that certifies capacity and experience.

The plastic surgery , esthetic Y reconstructive related to changing or correcting the contour or shape of different areas or regions of the face and body, must be carried out in establishments or medical units with a valid health license, attended by health professionals specialized in these matters.

The Ministry of Health shall have a term not exceeding 120 days counted to issue the provisions referred to in Article 272 Bis of this law.

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