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Obesity and overweight have become, in the last decade, a problem of global magnitude; However, among the most affected countries is Mexico

For this reason, the Health Secretary and fighters of the Triple AAA launched the campaign "Fight against obesity." They not only seek to reduce the figures but also to generate healthier habits of life; as they explain in this video of Chain Three News:

However, a balanced diet is not enough to reduce obesity and overweight, exercise is essential. GetQoralHealth It gives you four tips for a wrestling workout:

1. Goal. Improves cardiovascular endurance, strength and fighting skills. Instead of a structured program with weight training, strength is built by using bodyweight exercises. Wrestling requires a significant amount of cardiovascular endurance and skill on the part of the wrestler.

2. Schedule. To maximize the results of the training, carry out the session two to three days per week, with at least one rest day between training sessions.

3. Exercises Those who develop the muscles and energy systems involved in wrestling include push-ups, cone jumps, running transfer, jump squats, sit-ups, jump rope and lunge on foot.

4. Training structure. To build both cardiovascular endurance and strength, use a training circuit structure in each session.

Conducts series of 8 exercises, which will consist of conditioning and resistance activities. Start with the first exercise and do it for 30 seconds and immediately go to the second. After completing the round of 8 exercises, take 2 minutes of rest and repeat.

Obesity and overweight start from bad education. Know, learn and discover all the physical and mental benefits that a better lifestyle can provide. Do not miss more time!

Video Medicine: Govt introduces health reforms to decrease child obesity (October 2021).