If what you are looking for is tone up your muscles , one of the first rules is to start remove the grease bodily. In addition, with a routine of exercises where you use your own weight You get great advances. Here some.



Researchers of the University of Wisconsin of the United States affirm that the squats are good exercises to increase the volume of buttocks and tone them.


The squats with your own weight they are effective because they activate all the muscular groups of the gluteus superior, central and inferior ", explain the experts of the University of Wisconsin .



Also known as plates or push-up the entire area of ​​the trunk (shoulders, arm, back, abdomen, chest and triceps). In addition, the muscles of hips and legs, since they require great strength in legs and arms

Michele Olson , of the University of Auburn in Alabama , United States, affirms that it is an integral exercise. The results are noted with a training of 100 plates for 30 consecutive days.

With this routine you will increase muscle mass and tone up your arms, chest, back, abdomen, legs and hip.



Firmly recharge your feet on a bench or on the wall. Take care that the thighs and torso are parallel with the ground. Place your hands behind your head and begin to contract the abdomen while you raise the trunk, forming a 45 ° angle. East exercise it helps you to tone up area abdominal .



Lying on the floor, place your hands behind your head. Raise your knees to maintain a 45 degree angle. In that position, make movements with your legs as if you were pedaling a bicycle. Touch the left knee to the right elbow and continue to the opposite side.



On a park bench or in free fall jump as high as you can, the more effort more muscle groups of your legs and group work. Harvard Medical School affirms that with 1,800 jumps you eliminate up to 200 calories .



Gin Miller , creator of Step Reebok says it's a exercise aerobic intense and complete in which you work the inner part of the body. Recommend to take care of the beats of the heart, these should not exceed 128 per minute.

Fitness experts say that for tone up and reaffirm the flaccid areas of body it is necessary to combine the exercise with a diet rich in proteins .

For example, if you weigh 68 kilos the recommendation is to consume 150g. of protein daily and minimally 400g. of fruits and vegetables, plus three days of exercise a week, in a few weeks you will see the results in your muscular tone .

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