Squash strengthens the heart

The squash is a sport originated in England in which players hit the ball with their rackets making it bounce on the front wall of the court . It is one of the fastest and most strenuous activities.

The squash it provides many Benefits to those who practice it: from the exacerbation of reflexes , until the positive stimulation cardiac , due to the successive alternation of different movements during their practice.

According to a report by the American College of Sports Medicine, the squash , compared to nine others sports , was considered the healthiest to be practiced and an excellent way to enter in a dynamic and fun way.

The squash achieved high marks in muscular endurance Y burning of calories . In this last one, it had an outstanding place, being the sport what else calories spend in 30 minutes, with an average of 517.

In addition to the great expense caloric , the report cites as others Benefits :

1. It allows a very good heart rate in a short period, which in the long term increases cardiorespiratory resistance . 2. It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise because it keeps the heart in constant activity, in which the palpitations they register between 160 to 210 pulsations per second. 3. Develop the flexibility increases the force and the muscular endurance . 4. Strengthens the abdomen and lower part of the body, especially the legs and buttocks. In addition, by enhancing oxygenation of the blood , strengthens the extremities and allows a better blood circulation. 5. Stimulates the development of the part cognitive by forcing the player to define game situations in fractions of seconds. This increases the reflexes and endless nerve terminals .

The report of the College finalizes its report with a recommendation and alert for those who wish to practice it: beware of Achilles tendon and the racket of the adversary.

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