Sprains in every stage of life

The saying goes that "the Three Musketeers are not the same as 20 years later". And, in the matter of injuries, contractures and sprains, each stage of life has its particularities. According to specialists from Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), while among children from 6 to 13 years of age, bruises or traumatisms mild are very common; in the adult stage, lumbar and cervical sprains, as well as tendonitis and sprains in the shoulder and lower extremities are the most frequent injuries. According to Dr. Ricardo Lamadrid Monroy, head of Physical Consultation and Rehabilitation in the Southern Unit of the IMSS, older adults report mild cases of tears and sprains that respond favorably with a simple treatment.

What happens among young people?

According to the specialist, the sports injuries they occupy sixth place in the demand for consultation. Examples of this are the weekend soccer players, mostly young people who, without doing a proper warm-up, suffer muscular injuries at the level of knee, ankle, shoulder and elbow ligaments. They also suffer injuries to the thigh and Achilles tendon, as well as fractures of the tibia, fibula, ankle, patella, rupture of the tendon of the knee, or Achilles heel at the level of the ankle. Other important injuries they are the lumbar tear and rupture of the biceps, in which, sometimes, surgery, traumatology or orthopedic treatment is required. In the service of emergencies , cases of tearing and rupture of tendons in young people are frequently attended. On the other hand, adults between 20 and 55 years old have lesions of the shoulder, the rotator cuff (upper arm), the lumbar spine, the knee; Ankle sprains or damage to the Achilles tendon, although in this age group the risks are slightly lower because they practice sport with some moderation.

Consequences of a badly care sprain

In the opinion of the IMSS specialists, a badly attended sprain can cause joint instability, which implies an increased risk of suffering new Sprains and dislocations in the future. If it is a muscular strain or in the tendon it is imperative to ensure a correct position during its healing, otherwise that area of ​​our musculature could be weakened. It will also be necessary a correct phase of recovery, as well as the strengthening of the injured area.

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