Spheroidism promotes motor rehabilitation

At the beginning of the 20th century, Swiss doctors developed a kind of gymnastics with balls large (about 1 meter wide and that support up to 300 kilos) to motor rehabilitation and application to kinesiology , which was called spherodynamics .

Over time it has been proven effective in healthy people as well, and the technique extended to hospitals Y gyms . So with the practice of spherodynamics is achieved:

1. Major relaxation muscular . 2. Improve the oxygenation in different body parts. 3. Greater stretching of the muscles . 4. Elimination, in a short time, of Chronic lumbar pain or persistent 5. Reordering the patterns of moves ; it is sought to learn to perform each exercise with the least possible effort. 6. Elimination of contractures Y knots By the neck.

In this sense, the first exercises are postures static that should be maintained about 5 minutes. This time can be prolonged according to the exercise and, in advanced stages, they are carried out exercises with movement.

The size of the ball it must be chosen according to the height and practice acquired; for example, for a woman of 1.65 m. of height, a ball 85 cm diameter. The hardness depends on the muscular tone , the lower the tone, the harder the sphere must be.

To know more about these exercises , in GetQoralHealth we present you a video of the spheres:

The sensation that permeates spherodynamics is it so Pleasant Y relaxing than most people, once they learned to perform these exercises , he makes them at home to stay in shape.

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