Speculations on Chavez's health

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez he died this afternoon in the Military Hospital of Caracas , at 58 years of age, informed the Venezuelan vice president, Nicolás Maduro through a press conference.

Although the official causes of the death of President Chávez are unknown, this Tuesday, March 5, it was revealed, in the morning, that his condition was very delicate, but what was the real state of health of President Hugo Chávez? Know it!

1. Respiratory insufficiency. Hugo Chavez presented a severe infection in the respiratory tract, so he had to breathe with the help of a tracheal cannula.

2. Lung infection and involvement of the left lung. He had a new tumor that damaged 35% of the left lung; Due to the lack of medical equipment, it was planned to move him to Cuba.

3. Four surgeries . He underwent four surgeries in Cuba to remove lesions and tumors generated by the cancer he suffered. The last one lasted six hours and caused the respiratory insufficiency .

4. Aggressive treatment of chemotherapy . To comply with the treatment against Cancer He underwent four cycles of chemotherapy and six cycles of radiotherapy.

5. Cancer in the pelvic area . The president announced in June 2011 that he had cancer in the pelvic area, so he had to travel to Cuba to receive the appropriate treatment.


Speculations on Chavez's health

In an interview, the former Panamanian ambassador to the OAS, Guillermo Cochez revealed that the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez , I was brain dead from December 30, 2012.

The official explained that Chávez was transferred from Cuba to Venezuela in a vegetative state, so he hoped that soon he would be disconnected.

However, until the afternoon of March 5, Vice President Nicolás Maduro announced the news: "We received the hardest and tragic information that we can transmit to our people, the president of Venezuela has died."

"An immense pain of this historical tragedy that today touches this country, Commander, where are you: thank you, a thousand times thanks, on behalf of this people that you protected, who never failed you." Only understanding and respect for the greatest ideals of peace pursued by Chávez. "

"On behalf of the whole of Venezuela, we say: we will accompany our commander, president, to his final resting place, together as a family, leaving us this homeland, free and independent, we must have the greatest discipline, the greatest collaboration and solidarity," he concluded. .

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