Spectacular tips to fix your workplace

A few days ago the editors of ActitudFEM had a very serious talk about their place of work. Being more specific, about our cubicles.

The truth is that they do not understand why they can not keep them in order for more than a day. If they say that the mess is a lot and organize, the next looks pretty much the same.

And like it or not, this disorder often influences their performance and productivity (yes, yes, blame your work space).

As fall from the sky, they found an infographic that the Huffington Post puts together with some tips to build a workspace that will help us have a good day.

I invite you to see it, and why not, to put into practice some other tip.


In summary? Green color, photos of family and friends, plants, a clean monitor and at the height of our eyes, music and good posture, apparently the disorder promotes creativity, will it be?

Video Medicine: How do CEOs create an ideal work culture? 'You live it' (August 2022).