Spartan race, resistance to the limit

Adrenaline, emotion, passion, endurance and physical work, everything is combined in one name: Spartan Race. An obstacle course that combines various extreme sports, including rappelling and walking in inhospitable terrain.

Man, by nature, is in a constant search for new challenges and, spartan race responds to this need. Created in 2010, it is a resistance tour, which was designed by 7 ultra marathoners and Richard Leed, second lieutenant of the Royal Marines .

Spartan race not only seeks to gather extreme sports in order to provide a dose of adrenaline, its essential objective is to make fear a motivation tool; an element that helps the physical and mental growth of the individual.

This obstacle course is divided into four levels:

1. Spartan Sprint. 3 miles with 15 obstacles; 99.9% pass this test.
2. Super Spartan. 8 miles with 20 obstacles.
3. Spartan Beast. 12 miles and 25 obstacles
4. Spartan Death Race. A resistance race with mud roads, obstacles, physical challenges and mental challenges.

Beyond being a race that offers the adrenaline of extreme sports, it is an experience that strengthens the body and the soul; since it takes in group and encourages work with others, common support.

The spartan race has a durability of two days and, currently, can be practiced in the vicinity of Mexico City; example, in the State of Mexico in Los Monteros.

A complete exercise must test the physical and mental condition of an individual, why do not you try it? Dare to face your fears.

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Video Medicine: SPARTAN SPRINT (May 2024).