Source of youth!

Water is an essential element for life, but how much does it influence the organism? A good hydration will not only allow you to look fresh and, above all, youthful, it also helps to facilitate digestion and favors the functioning of muscles and blood flow. However, can it only be achieved through the consumption of liquids?

The water sources of our diet are fundamentally three: the liquids of the drinks, the water contained in the ingested food and the water that is produced during the metabolization of the carbohydrates, the fat and the proteins that are consumed.


Source of youth!

Not all foods provide enough water for the body; however, there are good options. According to data from Jose Mataix Verdú, physiologist of the University of Granada , the foods that contain more water are:

1. Vegetables: They contain approximately 95%.

2. Fruits: Up to 91%

3. Yogurt: It has 86%.

4. White fish: This, although you do not believe it contributes 82%.

5. Egg: Basic in family breakfasts, it offers 75% fluid.

6. Seafood: They have 79%.

7. Chicken: It has 67%.

In addition to helping you improve your hydration, many of these foods improve your mood; many of these optimize physical, mental and emotional well-being. What will allow you to live more fully your life. Then what do you expect to add them to your diet!