Some benefits of hydrotherapy

The benefits are a product of the sensation of pleasure produced by water, due to its main characteristic of being a medium in which gravity is lower. That is what is called -flotation-. Thus, people who enter the water the first thing they notice is how their body shed the feeling of weight. In obese people, people with mild or moderate muscle and joint problems, or difficulties in the motor field in general, they have increased their abilities and skills to perform any activity or movement that dry (on land) would be very difficult or practically impossible.

The resistance that causes walking in the aquatic environment, is remarkable, since without the use of implements the complexity is observed for the realization of any action. In the case of working in shallow water pool, any displacement that is tried to carry out, will bring about the appearance of difficulty (resistance). This is a faculty that has water that is very interesting to take advantage of. Both to tone the musculature of the affected subject, and to acquire a higher muscle tone with a purely aesthetic objective.

Third, we must highlight the placebo effect produced by this type of activity, mainly in people who suffer from some type of nervous disorder (anxiety, depression, etc.). The work in such an extremely relaxing environment, causes that its sensation diminishes and a general relaxation takes place. Above all, it allows them to achieve something that is sometimes far from their reach, which is to rest. This is a very interesting effect for all those nervous pathologies, product, many of them. for the rhythm of life, work, stress, etc.

It is not typical of water, but the socializing effect of group work is also interesting to review. Many people attending classes feel loneliness, sadness and boredom in their lives. With the group classes you get a great integration at all levels. Which also helps a lot to improve the state of health and the soul.

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