Soccer a passion that can help you have better health

The world cup arrived and with it the 'football fever', do you practice this sport? If not, pay attention to this article, and you will see that you will definitely want to practice it; thus, you will not only be a great fan, but you will have very good physical condition and excellent health.

Staying healthy should not be a cumbersome task. One hour of football Three times a week will keep you physically and mentally active, at the same time it is a very fun experience. Studies have shown what many people in the football family have thought about for a long time: in the long term, regular exercise, like playing football, is the best guarantee of the good health .

In 1997, the World Health Organization (WHO) noted the lack of exercise as the most frequent cause of coronary heart disease. An important risk factor is obesity, which has become one of the most terrible epidemics of our times.

However, the place where fat is found is more important than the body mass index. The grease in the abdomen and around the abdomen is particularly dangerous. The size of your belt is a useful guide. In the case of men, it should be less than 94 cm and, in the case of women, less than 80 cm. If the belt exceeds 102 cm (in men) and 88 cm (in women), the risk of cardiovascular diseases It is significantly higher.

The awareness campaigns of public health they help us to know that exercise keeps us physically and mentally healthy. But this does not necessarily mean that we do more exercise. Why should you try hard and dispense with comfort when you still feel good? Many well-planned active programs fail because many chronic diseases they do not seem to represent immediate threat .

This is where the football it is an extraordinary advantage: if you enjoy playing it and you can use it to satisfy your exercise preferences, you will continue to play. Many consider the factors psychological , not the biological ones, the ones that light our enthusiasm for long-term exercise. And only in these cases does it have a preventive effect optimum.

While a few can be famous and wealthy thanks to football, we can all achieve a physical state and mental healthy and keep it. It does not matter if you are a woman or a man. So now that you're ready to enjoy the liguilla of Mexican football (whether or not your team is among the four semifinalists), or the final of the UEFA Champions League, or of any international tournament, take these observations into account and stop being just another spectator, and be an artisan; wins the most precious trophy that exists in the world: a good health .


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