Snoring detonates overweight in the couple

Sleeping is more important to lose weight than food. There are different phases of sleep, but only when you sleep deeply do the changes that help you lose weight happen. Many women have trouble sleeping deeply due to the insomnia , serotonin and because your partner usually snore .

After a night without deep sleep, because of the snoring , increases appetite and preference for sweet foods (carbohydrates ). Also, lack of sleep causes insulin resistance.

While we sleep, a series of hormonal changes occur that affect and act on your body in different ways. Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we present a video where they explain how they happen:


Treatment for snoring

Some patients with snoring they can not sleep deeply because they have sleep apnea; that is, difficulty breathing. The people with the insulin High fatten mainly inside the abdomen and in the neck. This fat compresses the pharynx causing snoring.

It is advisable to follow a healthy lifestyle such as Ni Una Dieta Más to improve the action of the insulin and so decrease the grease By the neck.

Positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices are uncomfortable but quite effective. The Sleep apnea It will happen again if you stop CPAP before you have perfected your lifestyle.

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