Smiling makes you more competent

Smile It is an action that costs us nothing and gives us many things on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. If you want to generate changes in your lifestyle, then smile more and become a more healthy, intelligent and competent person.

In accordance with Paul Ekman , the most famous facial expression researcher in the world, people who smile genuinely, increase their chances of success, both in their work, as with their partners and / or marriages.

In addition, they are healthier, since their immune system is strengthened; reduce their levels of stress Y anxiety . However, most adults smile on average less than 5 times a day, while children do it 400 times a day.

Then GetQoralHealth , presents you a video made by Ron Gutman , member of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Desing) , where he explains the power of our smile:

Smile It costs nothing and is contagious. Take the test and enjoy all the benefits that this simple but transcendental action will generate. Remember that we were all born smiling, but we allowed this magic to go out. The power to change is in you.

Video Medicine: The power of a smile in presentations - Speak with Persuasion (September 2022).