Smartphone teaches you how to eat rich and healthy

A Smartphone not only allows you to be connected with the world at any time and circumstance; is your best ally to create new eating habits that help you improve your Health . Do you want to know how?

Nowadays there are applications that facilitate the arduous task of choosing the indicated foods for a balance diet .

Here we present the five best

1. Harvest: knowing whether a vegetable is ripe or not is overwhelming. This application gives you a detailed list of tips to choose the perfect product. It also tells you if the product was grown with high levels of pesticides . It also suggests the proper way to store the product when you get home.

2. Food Additives 2: It helps to know if the food you are choosing has any additive and if it has been related to problems of Health .

3. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: if in your plans you are reducing or eliminating the consumption of red or white meat; Here you can find more than 2000 recipes to prepare vegetarian dishes.

4. Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch: fish is a food rich in omegas and it does not give you many calories , so it's important to include it in your diet . This application contains a list of seafood and tells you which is the best.

5. Locavore: it tells you what seasonal foods are and where you can find them.

Remember that these applications are very useful when implementing a plan to achieve a style of Healthy life . However, do not forget to go to the nutritionist. Talk to him about your goals so he can guide you about the diet you must follow to reach them.

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