Smartphone application for the blind

The blindness It is considered as the second cause of disability in our country, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI), and has a greater incidence in older adults . Therefore, their quality of life is diminished due to the fact that they are denied access to many activities because they do not have the necessary conditions to do so, such as the use of the mobile.

In this sense, the rise of smartphones discriminated against one sector of society: the the blind . With this new trend, their access to mobile telephony was limited to the Applications programmed for the use of voice or those that identified, slowly, the characters and named him by his speaker.

BrailleTouch , a application developed by Georgia Tech University, seeks to offer an intuitive way for these people to enter text in touch devices , according to information on ideasweb.

It does so by means of an interface that resembles a six-key keyboard, each of which corresponds to a button of the device standard to type in braille .

As in this alphabet, each letter or number has an assigned combination. Since it is a technique commonly used for blind population or weak visual, the use of the application does not require any complicated learning.

So that you know this application that is not in the final phase of its development, in GetQoralHealth we present a video of the director of the development team, Mario Romero , who describes the advantages of this app :

The application, according to its developers, allows "enter at least six times more words per minute than other research prototypes to type without visual help in a touch screen " Its versions for iPhone Y iPad already developed, and that of Android is on the way. In addition, it will be free and open source, which will allow any developer to improve or adapt it.

Either by the need to be better communicated, or a condition of life in which their visual weaknesses are not factors, the dispositives Y apps they have been turning into their own eyes , and another way of recognition, at present.

Video Medicine: Smartphone applications for blind people and how blind people use smartphone (February 2024).