Smallpox left havoc in Mexican independence

One of the diseases that gained most importance in the War of Independence of Mexico (1810-1820), was the smallpox . This is an exanthematic disease that manifests with pustules on the face and body, and was introduced to Mexico by the Spanish in the sixteenth century.

This situation caused such a mortality, which made the conquest possible and was one of the main causes of population decline. The disease continued to rage throughout the viceroyal period and throughout the nineteenth century there were constant epidemics of smallpox in all the country.

Against her, there was not a really effective healing method; in fact, there is not even now. However, there was a method to prevent evil: the vaccination , whose discovery was made in the late eighteenth by the English physician Edward Jenner .

The formal introduction of vaccine in New Spain it dates back to 1804, when the Spanish Crown sent to all its territories of America and Asia the Royal Vaccine Expedition.

Thereafter, the vaccination It was always part of the programs of boards and boards of health in the capital of the country or in the states.


New epidemics

However, the disease would take a long time to be eradicated and during the War of Independence there would be several epidemics .

During the Porfirism the fight against smallpox It happened more systematically. At that time, in practically every state the vaccination It was mandatory, but again during the years of the Revolution, health programs were neglected.

For example, there was an epidemic in the country's capital, where for many years disease it had not presented itself in its form epidemic , although there were individual cases. In those years, the health authorities (Consejo Superior de Salubridad) faced the evil with the resources they had, which were limited.

Around 1921, health campaigns were reorganized again. The biggest decrease in mortality by smallpox it occurred during the years of the government of Lázaro Cárdenas (1934-1940) and continued until in 1951 no case was presented. One year later, the smallpox it was eradicated from Mexico and later it would be eradicated from the world.

The smallpox is one of the diseases that affected the inhabitants of our country in the War of Independence and the revolutionary years, but of which the Mexicans do not get sick, nor do we die.

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