Small actions!

Voluntary rotation or resignation could have a cause that goes beyond the salary and distance of the work center, suggests a survey of the employment portal Among the main reasons, with 24%, there is a hostile work environment or little nice

"The work environment is the human and physical environment in which the daily work is carried out, and influences the satisfaction and consequently in the worker productivity ", Points out Elena Rubio Navarro, Business Consultant .


Small actions!

Replacing one employee with another could have a higher economic cost for the company than improving the work environment . Reason why we provide you with some tips, with information from the expert Belén Gómez Pereira.

1. Dining room service. Employees usually have two options: eating out of the office in restaurants or eating on the desk in front of the computer. A good option is to offer a free or low-cost dining service as a service. It is important to ensure quality, balance and contribution Nutritional food .

2. Decorate the space. Integrate color to your office; warm tones, like red and orange, give energy but can be a little Stressful , and cool tones, such as green and blue relax.

3. Do not forbid them to check their social networks. While it could mean a waste of time, you should bear in mind that these are part of the lives of many people and that they are important to them. communicate with your loved ones.

4. Offers flexible schedules. Remember that not all people work at the same time; some are evening and others are morning. In addition, this flexibility in time will make the worker acquire a greater balance in his Personal life .

5. Motivate health. Drive in your office theexercise and healthy eating; example, delivering fruits and yogurt for breakfast.

6. Create projects that allow them to leave their comfort zone. Conducting the quarterly meeting in a more pleasant cafeteria or environment is a good option.

Being a leader or boss is not a simple task, it is a continuous learning . However, if these three keys are kept clear, everything can be successfully developed: respect, communication and flexibility. The change is in your hands!

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