Sleeping on your stomach

If you have a certain age and they calculate you less, it is a compliment for every woman, but when it is the opposite, they can make you feel terrible and they do not tell you to bother you but there is reasons why people seem older.

A study by the University of Oviedo (Spain) indicates that there are certain actions that although they seem healthy, they are not and with the passage of time they have repercussions in the deterioration of your appearance.

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Meet the reasons why people seem older and avoid them so that, now, leave everyone with the "square eye" and see less years than you have.


Sleeping on your stomach

Yes, it may be delicious to rest in this position but doing so favors the appearance of wrinkles and promotes facial asymmetry. Sleep on your back and we guarantee that in four weeks, your appearance will improve.


Forget about your teeth

One of the main focuses of attention when meeting people is the mouth. Did you know that yellow teeth can make you look up to 6 years older? They are your cover letter, take care of them!


You almost do not drink water

This is one of the main reasons why people seem older . Not drinking liquids increases you 3 years at the age you have. Hydrate your skin inside and drink two liters of water daily.


Eat a lot of sugar

It will reduce the production of collagen in the skin, so do not miss seeing wrinkles on your face.


Rub your eyes

If you get a garbage, you have itching or you do it out of pure pleasure, avoid it because otherwise you will have circles and lines of expression.


Climb and lose weight

When you go up and down in weight it will make your elastic fibers break more easily, have flaccidity and fine lines.

Regardless of the reasons why people seem older Try to eat a fat-free diet, do not worry, every night and avoid smoking. A healthier life will reflect a more active and beautiful person in you.


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