Sleep apnea is related to erectile dysfunction

Sleeping problems are associated with erectile dysfunction and urological conditions such as incontinence , point to new studies conducted by New England Research Institutes.

The research studied the relationship between obstructive sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction. This type of apnea occurs during sleep, where pauses occur in the breathing during sleep, because a respiratory tract has become narrow or blocked and causes you to be unable to breathe.

The 870 participating men had an average age of 47 years and a body mass index of 30.2, which is considered as obese.

Those with erectile dysfunction they were twice as likely to have apnea as those without dysfunction. The more severe the case of dysfunction, the greater the likelihood of also suffering obstructive sleep apnea .

The study found that 63% of volunteers had obstructive sleep apnea, 5.6% had a history of diabetes and 29% had a history of smoking.

Another study found that Sleep disorders cause certain urological conditions like urinary incontinence, and need to urinate during the night, regardless of the sex of the person.

These results could help the experts improve and modify the sleep patterns of patients to improve their health and their quality of life, including in the sexual area.

Video Medicine: Sleep apnea can cause erectile dysfunction (May 2021).