Skin care in people over 60 years

The care of the elderly is not only aimed at providing them medical care . Sometimes, personal grooming is also very important. This is especially true in the skin care of the elderly.

Improve the skin of older people also help them feel good about themselves. The care of the skin avoids problems of the dermis that have their origin for diverse circumstances. Here some advice on care of the skin that can be applied to the elderly, depending on different conditions.

Older adults need to take care of their skin keeping it clean. It is important to know that people at this age are more prone to dry skin, especially those who live in warm areas. Take into account that the frequent washing does not necessarily help the health of the dermis . In fact, the excess of soap and water can decrease the natural oils in the skin and therefore limit the natural moisturization. It is advisable to use a soap for delicate skin.

Another way to maintain healthy skin is with the adequate nutrition . Those who care for people over 60 should make sure they follow a balanced diet. However, sometimes, your lack of appetite can make this a problem. Keep in mind that it is important to prepare meals in an appetizing way in order to ensure that people can enjoy the food instead of taking it as an obligation.

The itch In the skin it is a frequent problem, to avoid it you have to keep the skin hydrated. The well-moist dermis usually feels less itchy. A good idea is to apply lotions or moisturizers after bathing to promote smoothness and moisturization. If the skin starts to bother, try to prevent the older person from scratching. Instead, use a soft towel to relieve itching of the skin. This will help prevent damage or further aggravate the itching.

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