Silent enemy ...

Silent disease, the Liver cancer it is within the first 20 causes of general mortality, and in sixth place by cancer in Mexico, it indicates Jorge Luis Poo, former president of the Mexican Association of Hepatology.


However, it becomes a problem when there is talk that there is little knowledge about the factors that can influence their development; Examples of this are the following: chronic infection ofhepatitis B or C, as well as anabolic steroid consumption, age and exposure to certain toxins and chemicals (such as aflatoxins from cultures contaminated with fungi).


Silent enemy ...

To learn more about this disease, we present the following video with Gloria Contreras by Excelsior TV . Chew it and do not stay with the doubt.

Collateral damage!

Among the symptoms of Liver cancer There is the unexplained loss of weight, fatigue, feeling full after eating little, lack of appetite and abdominal pain. However, there are some types, of this cancer, that can be prevented according to the American Cancer Society.

1. Limits alcohol and the use of tobacco .

2. Maintain a healthy weight Being overweight increases your chances of developing fatty liver and diabetes, which can damage this organ.

3. Treatments for diseases that increase the risk of Liver cancer. Certain hereditary diseases can cause liver cirrhosis and increase the risk of liver cancer. Detecting and treating these diseases in the early stages of life can reduce this risk.


Although until a few years ago it appeared more frequently between 65 and 70 years of age, the number of people affected among the younger population has increased due to the spread of the hepatitis B, mainly ", as indicated by the surgeon oncologist María Susana Hernández Flores.

Remember that your health is in your hands. Beware!

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