Shyness is eliminated with oxytocin

The shy could be treated as bad breath, you just have to apply a spray of oxytocin (the call hormone of love), and wait for a chemical reaction in the brain that would transform an introvert into a loquacious character.

According to information published by, a group of researchers from Concordia University in Montreal (Canada) has confirmed the effects of self-confidence and disinhibition that are associated with oxytocin , a substance that is produced in large quantities during the pregnancy .

The study, published in the magazine Psychophamarcology, details that the oxytocin "It facilitates social behavior and modifies the way we process external social signals, their coding and their interpretation."

For the study, two types of aerosol were supplied to 100 men and women between 18 and 35 years old, one with oxytocin and another with a substance that worked as a placebo.

"The participants who were administered oxytocin Intranasal had higher grades of extroversion, kindness and openness to new experiences than those who used placebo, "he explained. Christopher Cardoso , one of the authors of the study.

"Oxytocin," he stressed Mark Ellenbogen , director of research, "facilitates social behavior, changing the way one perceives oneself, if you feel more extroverted and confident, you are probably more likely to act in this way in social situations."

The specialists emphasized that with the treatment there were no side effects, except for a little nasal irritation in a small percentage; however, it is not yet known if there are negative effects associated with its continued use. And you, would you use this type of aerosols?

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