Short relationships to live better

A long and stable relationship is one of the experiences that cause greater happiness. However, over time it can become routine and monotonous, so you've asked yourself:How often should you change partners to be happy?


The Spanish psychologist Rafael Santandreu , author of the book The glasses of happiness, it states five years It is the ideal time to change partner because the human is not programmed to live in monogamy or have a relationship for life.

To justify his assertion, the specialist affirms that the couple's relations that remain together for several years "have worked until now because the man was the woman's possessor, but this is not a couple's life, it is the life of a master with a slave".

At present, 50% of couples can not endure more than ten years

He adds that statistics show that currently, 50% of couples can not tolerate more than ten years together and a third are satisfied with their relationship, as they are based on addictive ties of codependencies and lack of love.


Short relationships to live better

Rafael Santandreu says that by analyzing how couples currently live, he finds that jealousy and the codependence they are the main problems that cause unhappiness, but in spite of that they continue to live together.


Also, consider that a healthy relationship should be distinguished because there is no dependency: "You can tell your partner I love you very much, but I do not need you." It is more successful to live without attachments, reaffirms.

Even consider in the not too distant future couples will not seek to be all their lives together, so it says that couples should change every five years, which would be an incentive to reduce the unhappy rates produced by conflicting relationships.

The statements made by the psychologist Rafael Santandreu are related to those of Pere Estupinya , biochemist and writer, who considers that humans are monogamous, infidels and jealous.


"Social monogamy (forming stable couples) exists in many animal species, but sexual monogamy (fidelity) is very strange in nature," he says. Pere Estupinya .

However, although today there is a couple crisis, there are actions you can take to have a healthy and lasting relationship, the key is that both are willing to work on the same goal. And for you, what is the most lasting relationship you have had?

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