Shape your glutes

Having beautiful legs and firm buttocks are the dream of every woman. Many times we do not know which part of the body to give priority to mold and tone for that, this routine for glutes and legs is for you.


Shape your glutes

When you do exercises for glutes it is essential to reduce the fat located in that area.

The instructor and sports doctor Nancy Tafoya , explains in the next video a routine for glutes and legs that will help you to give them firmness.


Strengthen your legs

Salvador Garayzar, specialist in functional training, guides you in the following video with these exercises that will help you to show them more turned and beautiful.

Remember that prior to this routine for glutes and legs It is important that you warm your body and when finished, cool it down. If you are constant in your training, you will notice results in less time.

Video Medicine: 5-Minute Butt-Firming Workout (May 2024).