Shape your body ...

During the exercise, In addition to improving the overall functioning of the organs, the body burns calories with what is allowed lose weight and improve the appearance, but there is also a natural process: perspiration or sweat.

According to the specialist Beth Stover Mooradian, those who exercise usually sweat more than the rest because its cooling capacity is more developed. The sweat is produced through sweat glands present in the body and a person in motion can eliminate by this means about 1.5 liters of liquid.


Shape your body ...


The physical exercise produces the elimination of calories, but also from Sweating in it, water and salts are eliminated. If your goal is to lose weight, here we offer some exercises that will make you sweat and burn calories, with information of Carlos Jorquera, nutritionist of Sports Medicine at Clínica Las Condes. Try it!

1. Run. At a high intensity and for half an hour they can burn 468 calories in the case of being a woman if it is a man, the consumption is 585.

2. Swim High intensity for half an hour is burned 343 calories woman and if he is a man 429.

3. Spining. High intensity for half an hour a woman burns 312 calories, the 390 male

4. Zumba High intensity, for the same period as the previous women burn 218 calories and man 273.

5. Walk. High intensity, same time, a woman burns 250 calories a man 312.

It is very important to perform exercise daily and continuously as this will prevent diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. In addition, according to a study of the University of Ghent, in Belgium, intense physical activity helps to overcome and prevent depression.