Shake off discouragement

Discouraged? There are times when you simply do not want to solve everything that we have pending and we just want to be silent and recumbent for a long time. There are times when it is enough to hear an inappropriate comment to depress us, however, there are foods against sadness that help you recover your smile.

Adriana Ortemberg, author of the book La cocina de la felicidad by Editorial Urano , says that this is because: "Neurons communicate with each other through neurotransmitters and these in turn, have specific functions such as improving our ability to concentrate, emotional balance, motivation, mental clarity, sexual desire, etc. And also the opposite, irritability, depression, sadness, lack of memory and hypoactivity ", explains the author.


Shake off discouragement

To maintain a state of well-being, some food must be ingested to make the smile appear again on our face. For example, some natural antidepressants are bananas, lettuce, pineapple, eggs, fresh cheese, dates, avocado and turkey, and if they are combined with some protein it is much better.

There are some fruits and vegetables that by their colors infuse energy and since they are appreciated in the dish, they offer a great spectacle for the view, so it is good advice when preparing a cocktail that does not lack in the ingredients, some of The following colors: yellow, red and orange.

The author shares a simple recipe to prepare a delicious dish that can help us to revive us, and advises that we consume it in the middle of the morning or, as a snack:


Fruit salad of the Sun


  1. A handle without skin
  2. A papaya without skin
  3. Three peaches
  4. Half pineapple without shell and without center
  5. Two bananas,
  6. Four oranges,
  7. Four leaves of Luisa herb or fresh mint.


Cut the mango, papaya, peaches, pineapple, and banana slices into dice. Place the fruit in a bowl and squeeze the juice from the oranges. Mix until all the ingredients are incorporated.

Cut the fresh mint leaves into strips and add to the mixture. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve. Tip: So that you do not lose vitamins, it is better to prepare it with little time in advance.

"The important thing is that you can create happiness in the kitchen. Not only because eating is a rewarding act in itself, but, according to the love that is put in the act of cooking, it is transmitted to food. Thus, if we think of pleasant things or put music while cooking, we will create a positive energy that will eventually end up in what we serve at the table ", the author concludes. "The principle of being patient is to start with oneself." If you want to know more information write to

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