Sex education vs. child abuse

The sex education it is a process of information and integral formation, reproduction, gender identity, emotional circle and eroticism that allows the human being to live their responsible experiences and fully from birth to death.

The sexuality Adulthood is the result of a whole process of bio-psycho-social development that begins with birth. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the importance of a timely and honest sex education.

There is a slogan in Mexico that parents should wait for children to ask first about sex. There are people who never ask! If we take this literally, maybe the children wait for the parents to open the subject. Sometimes the little ones believe that they defraud their parents if they ask first.

Parents should know that since babies are born, you can talk about sex with them. This is so that the parents are the ones who understand how to approach the subject, it is so that they become familiar with the correct words.

Most people say they did not have sex education, but we all had it. The difference is that some of their parents helped them build a responsible and healthy sexuality based on family values ​​and others grow up having doubts, feeling bad, generating guilt and asking other ignorant people like them. Growing up with something secret, hidden, taboo.


What is sexual abuse?

The sexual abuse is when an older person explores, touches and / or stimulates a child's genitals in a physical and erotic way. Either with or without the consent of the minor because a child is not sufficiently trained to make decisions of this type before an adult.

The abuser is legally considered as of 12 years of age. It is very important to know what is an abuse of what is a sexual game between children, although there is some difference in age.

Learn to prevent it

Sex education is the best way to prevent child abuse. If you do not have information, you can not prevent it. A rape victim feels silly for allowing everything to happen. Then the anger is towards the parents for not having informed him.

Sometimes children think it's an exciting game that carries a secret. When he realizes (by the reaction of the adult before what happened), that he was abused, then he suffers from the feeling that they took advantage of them. They kept a secret and now they feel dirty because they have felt pleasure and they know they are victims of abuse.

This process of abuse is what hurts because they feel victimized for life. Currently they are no longer called "victims" of sexual abuse, but "survivors" of it. The most important steps towards the prevention of abuse are:

  1. Report.
  2. Be open to answer questions.
  3. If the child does not ask, the adult should open any doubts.
  4. Put limits: I can take a bath, cream and take care of you; as a child you can say "no" when you disagree with the closeness of another person, be it a kiss, a hug or tickling.
  5. Differentiate sexual games from sexual abuse : Only allowed with your peer group (boys or girls of your same age), only if you agree, only if they do not get hurt; If someone bigger than you wants to touch you and you disagree, say so.
  6. There is a group of women who, because they have been sexually abused, distrust the adult in general and if this is not treated through therapy, it leads them to live distrustfully, fearing for no reason for the integrity of their children and thus the children grow suspicious of a hostile world .

If they do not exceed their experience, they transfer it to their children. Sometimes without having been abused, sexual terrorism is given through tendentious and intimidating information.

The best thing is that you have excellent communication with your children and address any issue with them, to avoid doubts and complications over time. And you, do you know any case of child sexual abuse?

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