Sex does not age for older adults

Through time, the Myths that arise from the relationship between sexuality and old age have been discarded thanks to recent research that show that being an elderly person does not mean saying goodbye to the sex life in partner .

During this time of life, the factors for losing interest in the sex they can be diverse, but not determined exclusively by age. Health problems such as diabetes , infections at Urinary tract , Cancer , erectile dysfunction , etc., stand out for being the number one factor in the inhibition oflibido .

The emotional part also influences the lack of sexual appetite as in any age; if the relationship is bad, sexual encounters are bad or null; the lack of communication , instability, the death of the partner; they also contribute to this decline in sexual interest.

It is important to remember that the sexuality includes all forms of expression, from the approach, the touch , the emotional intimacy , the company, the masturbation and not only the intercourse . It is an important and always possible part between the man and the woman , which in old age should continue to be a source of pleasure and not a source of restlessness and frustration.

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