Seventh race for women's health

With the purpose of improving the lives of women and promoting the sport habit , the seventh consecutive year will be held Bonafont race , which is supported by the Sports Institute of the Federal District Government.

Under the motto I can, it is intended to continue motivating women to have a healthier lifestyle. About, Aminta Ocampo , Public Relations Manager of Bonafont , said: "The main objective of this event is to promote physical activity in Mexican families and encourage habits in favor of health, that is, take two liters of water a day and exercise. "

This will take place this Sunday May 29, with the simultaneous participation of 18 thousand runners in Mexico City, 6 thousand runners in Guadalajara and 6 thousand more in Monterrey. It is the only free race and the biggest one in the world:

"Our career has increased the number of participants edition after edition; last year the goal was to become the largest women's race in the world, and now that we have achieved it, our mission is to continue with the growth of participants so that more and more women realize that taking the first step towards a life Healthy is very simple, "reiterated Ocampo.

In Mexico City the appointment will be at 8:00 in the roundabout of Diana Cazadora, located on Paseo de la Reforma. In Guadalajara, the headquarters will be the Metropolitan Park and in Monterrey in the Fundidora Park. The event will have private medical service, 6 ambulances and 10 paramedics on foot. In each seat of the race, two water supply points will be placed, which will be located in the first kilometer and a half and in the third kilometer.

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