Self explórate!

In recent years, science has come a long way to improve the quality of life of breast cancer patients. An example of this is the therapy of target or monoclonal antibodies, whose objective is to lengthen the life of people with neoplasia.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, Isabel Pacheco, Roche's managing director , explains that in the therapy of target monoclonal antibodies that block the growth and metastasis of any type of cancer, especially the breast.

This therapy directed against breast cancer inhibits cell growth and stimulates the patient's immune system and has the ability to eliminate malignant cells and preserve healthy ones.

Even specialists say that target therapy is more effective than other treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy; however, sometimes these three techniques can be complemented in the same process.

According to National Cancer Institute ( NCI, for its acronym in English), targeted therapies block the uncontrolled growth and division of cancer cells through molecular targets or antibodies.

Even another benefit of white therapy is the low incidence of side effects of breast cancer treatment such as nausea, vomiting and hair loss.


Self explórate!

Although there are already these types of treatments that help improve the quality of patients, it is advisable that women do a monthly self-examination to detect the presence of tumors and diagnose the disease early.

Breast cancer is curable in 95% of cases if detected early, so do not hesitate and check your body to not be part of the 60 thousand new cases a year. And you, do you explore your body? If you want to know more information about breast cancer, click here.

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