Self esteem

Surely it has happened to you sometime, you end up with your partner for some discussion and after a few days, they return as if nothing, but,Why do you end and return with your partner ?

According to studies published by Belmont University , Nashville, couples that have this behavior is due to the codependence that exist between them. It is a type of addiction among people, in which they get used to living with each other.

Why it happens?


Self esteem

When your own value is little, it is very common for you to allow a certain type of behavior that hurts you and for a moment accept it and decide to end it and soon after you feel the 'need' to return with that person.



It is normal for us to get used to someone, to activities, to their company and also to a feeling. But, when there is some discussion or misunderstanding, it is very easy to act on impulse; The moment we realize this, we return.


Fear of being alone

This is related to the self esteem and the habit. It may be that when we see the relationship as 'lost', we are afraid of not finding someone and being without a partner, although sometimes, this is necessary.

These are the reasons why you finish and you return with your partner , we do not mean 'that this happens once, but that it is something that happens continuously. Remember that when in a relationship there are disrespectful you should analyze if it is the best for you or not.


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