Sometimes the tasks can seem endless and the hours of the days insufficient; However, is it possible to be more productive through simple actions?

Beyond performing various actions, being "productive" aims to spend less time doing the things you have to do to have time for the things you want to do.


"Seeks to take time out"

The lack of organization is not the only factor that intervenes in our productivity, habits or actions, which we believe to be unimportant, can affect the performance we have in our daily tasks.

Therefore, with information from Huffington Post, we present you 5 data to be more productive.

1. Just start a task. In accordance with Bluma Zeigarnik, Soviet psychologist , was the first to develop the theory that human beings behave naturally to finish what they have started, due to the dissonance they feel when tasks are started and then left incomplete. This concern forces us to finish what we started.

2. Your willpower is a limited resource that wears out quickly . For him psychologist Roy Baumeister Forcing the mind to do one activity after another generates exhaustion that significantly decreases productivity.

3. Simple, but useless tasks (social networks). John Bargh , a social psychologist who currently works at Yale, published a study that states that the brain releases the energy needed to complete a "real" task by focusing on useless actions such as observing their notifications on Facebook.

4. Practice more. It's not just for athletes and musicians. All kinds of tasks in life can benefit from the trial. If you can make simple, everyday tasks automatic, you can free your brain from them to focus on complex goals.

5. Short periods of concentration. A study published in the Journal of Psychology He points out that the brain is more productive when the work consists of short periods than long ones.

Do not give up your goals, it's just a matter of learning to manage your time and your brain in the best way. Try it and do not miss the opportunity!

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