Secure distractor

Increasingly, researchers seek innovative techniques to combat overweight Y obesity , conditions considered as a pandemic . In the first case, it affects one billion adults who, if they do not act seriously, the figure will exceed one thousand 500 million for 2015.

Therefore, a recent investigation of the University of Plymouth in England concludes that the video game They are a fun alternative for lose weight .

However, you surely question: How can it be that a videogame helps to lose weight when the World Health Organization (WHO) affirms that the hours you spend playing cause obesity ?


Secure distractor

The group of researchers of the University of Plymouth ensure that play Tetris or Puzzle has its positive side to counter the overweight , since it is a strong distractor, which not only helps to think less about food s, but to reduce the anxiety .

By doing a test about the cravings and how to reduce or eliminate them with the help of video game, they found that playing only three minutes of Tetris it's enough time to forget the whim For the food.

Also, while you play, all your attention is focused on him for the desire to win and when you manage to beat the level, the brain receives a signal from reward , very similar to the one generated when you satisfy awhim .


"Being in control is an important part of staying motivated, playing Tetris can potentially help the person to stay in control when anxiety comes in," say the researchers in this new study.

If you are making efforts to lose weight or stay in shape , playing Tetris is an option that could help you calm the anxiety for the food and forgetting about those tempting cravings.

The game can be an excellent distraction, just remember that all excesses are harmful to your health, therefore, the recommendation is not to exceed, have physical activity regular and feed you healthily You can lose weight in a fun way!

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