Secrets for a young skin

With thousands of beauty and skin care products on the market, aging has become a fundamental concern for men and women around the world.

Get older However, it is a natural process. Unfortunately no amount of anti-aging products can change the fact, or prevent it from happening, but there are two things that are unavoidable in this natural process: its effects on health and skin problems.

But even though it can not be stopped completely, it can be stopped with the right products and an appropriate beauty regime.

Three easy care actions

1. Know your skin type .- The first step is to know what type of skin you have: dry, mixed or fat. This is a way to determine what products you need. For example, using a cream for oily skin when you have dry skin will only make your skin drier. If you do not know what your skin type is, consult a dermatologist.

2. Take a lot of water .- This liquid fills the body and gets rid of the toxins in the system. It is also a way to hydrate your skin and remove the particles that clog pores. People who suffer from dry skin are advised to drink plenty of water. As a rule, they drink six to eight glasses of water a day.

3. Block the sun .- Another essential thing when taking care of the skin, is to make sure to protect it from ultraviolet rays. You can do this by using sunblock when going out. Use it even on cloudy days, UV rays are still present and clouds or fog can not do anything about it.

Avoid the sun from 11:00 to 15:00. In addition to darkening the skin, the sun can also develop spots on your skin and discolorations that are difficult to remove.

Video Medicine: Jennifer Lopez Tells Dr. Oz Her Beauty Secrets (April 2024).