Search without surprises!

When we look for a partner all we want is to comply with some aspects and characteristics that we imagine, and that we build over time; however, this can be counterproductive when you do not distinguish idealization of the real.

Idealization is the fastest way to disappointment, and often people, especially women, create expectations that end in unpleasant surprises that prevent maintaining a relationship of partner .

But what surprises do women face when they search couple on the internet ? The psychotherapist Mario Guerra, spokesperson, says in an interview for GetQoralHealth that the main surprise is that the expectations they have set do not correspond with reality.


"This does not refer to the profile of the person, but to the idealization of a person they do not know, both physically and emotionally and they run into a reality that is not what they imagined," says the specialist.


"The need to relate and have a partner distorts these beliefs and thoughts."


Search without surprises!

Mario Guerra recommends you navigate and meet people; Avoid choosing the first man you see and never think "This is the good one". Open yourself to possibilities!

He also points out that it is important that you do not have illusions ahead of time. "Build the illusion through the shared experiences as you contact it, so you will avoid the idealization".

To know your partner ideal on the internet is important that you do not hurry, on the contrary with a lot of openness and with several options available to see which of these people will be the one that comes closest to what you want, concludes Mario Guerra.

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