Schedule yourself and get up early

For some people having to wake up early is a great effort, and they are accused of being lazy. However, recent studies conducted by Jean Matheson , specialist in sleep disorders , indicate that laziness is not the culprit of not being able to wake up in the mornings.

According to these investigations there is an imbalance between the natural rhythm of the body and that of current reality that alters the biological clock of sleep ; The consequence of this is not being able to wake up early.

The suprachiasmatic nucleus it's part of the brain that coordinates the biological rhythms of the body and takes from the outside information as the darkness, interprets it, and segregates the hormone melatonin in response. The secretion of this hormone It is low during the day, which helps keep you awake, on the contrary it increases during the night to be able to fall asleep.

The specialist suggests that people who find it more difficult to get up early have their biological clock programmed to wake up later and, probably, also to reveal more, which makes it difficult to adapt to the schedules imposed by the routines of society.

A frequent error of the people, is that when the weekend arrives, they get ready to sleep more or to stay up late, but this may not be the most beneficial for health.

Experts warn that if it gets up early all week, the body gets used to the "artificial rhythm" and, when the weekend comes, the organism returns to the "natural rhythm", the routine is broken and therefore it is more difficult Get up early again. For this reason, Mondays are the most hated days.

Sleeping well is one of the great pleasures of life, but if you do not want to say goodbye to those weekends of late awakenings, the best thing you can do is face the best attitude when the alarm goes off to start a new day.

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