Satisfy your craving without gaining weight

When the weekend is approaching it is normal for us to crave fast food like hamburgers, but to think about the amount of calories it contains makes us hesitate to do so. So, how to satisfy a craving without gaining weight?

According to information published on the portal Health , there are healthy burgers that can satisfy your craving without the risk of gaining weight, thanks to the combination of its ingredients. Know them!

1. Minis. For its preparation uses integral miniature buns. Mix the lean meat with a little English sauce and black pepper. Use a small portion to make the hamburger and place it in a pan with a little olive oil. Place it on the bread and add a slice of low-calorie cheese and pickles.

2. Vegetarian. Season the mushrooms with garlic, onion, thyme leaves and lentils. Make a small mixture with these ingredients and put them in an integral bun. Add some slices of tomato, goat cheese and fresh basil leaves.

3. Salmon Grilled salmon steaks with a little lemon juice, low sodium soy sauce, black pepper. Place it in wholemeal bun with spinach, fresh ginger, sesame seeds.

4. Turkey. Mix ground turkey with fresh parsley, black pepper, salt, garlic powder. Fry a small portion in a little olive oil. Place it in an integral bun with dijon mustard, feta cheese and sliced ​​purple onion.

5. With guacamole. This option will love you. Make the burger with ground chicken, fresh cilantro, salt and pepper. Place it in an integral bun and add low-fat cheese, tomato, and a little guacamole.

With these options you will enjoy your whim as much as possible without gaining weight. Remember that to achieve a balanced diet you should only substitute some ingredients rich in fat and calories for healthier ones.

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