Sane through the decrees

The decrees they are principles generated by each individual, for a defined objective, be it emotional or health. These affirmations or thoughts that are created, have a strong influence on the organism, well-being and quality of life of the human being

Martha Sánchez Navarro , specialist in metaphysics ensures that our immune system and the cells of our body respond to our thoughts Y emotions . Therefore, when diseases invade our body is due to the feeling of guilt we have towards something.

"The emotions They cause the immune system to weaken and the cells are more prone to to get sick ; however, the body can heal through meditation , decrees (principles) and thoughts positive, "said the specialist.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, Martha Sánchez Navarro , explain how you can use positive affirmations for healing, as well as to grow and understand your body:

Sánchez Navarro stressed that the thought that generates a positive change in emotions causes a different chemistry that is reflected in the body.

"It allows your body to heal itself, because he has a perfect intelligence to regenerate and achieve an optimal quality of life," recommends the specialist.

Remember that the affirmations and the thoughts they have a great power of realization; so when you sit down depressed , sick, sad or with a negative attitude, you just have to think of something positive and decree that everything will be fine, that you will work to increase your self esteem and that the world will be an important part to achieve it. And you, have you already decreed something positive for this day?

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