Salad from the garden

Our diet should be rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, and believe it or not, flowers like cress provide many benefits for our health. For example, among the properties of cress is the control of appetite and protection against free radicals.

According to the portal Vitó , the cress is rich in minerals, especially in silicon, which helps you improve your body tissues, as well as iron and calcium, which help you control your appetite.

In addition, it has a high content of vitamins and antioxidants that protect you from free radicals. So if you want to enjoy these benefits you just have to add it to your dishes, like in this delicious salad of the chef Pía Quintana .


Salad from the garden

Ingredients for six servings

  1. Six baby spinach cups
  2. Eight carrots baby peeled and soaked in cold water with ice
  3. Half a cup of jicama cut in julienne
  4. 12 cherry tomatoes cut in half
  5. A cup of bleached asparagus, cut in diagonal
  6. A cup of baby squash steamed
  7. Six tablespoons of sunflower seeds
  8. Three spoonfuls of amaranth
  9. One and a half cups of cress
  10. Six tortillas cut in julienne, baked
  11. Sea salt to taste

In a bowl mix spinach, drained carrots and jicama, tomatoes, asparagus, pumpkin, sunflower seeds and amaranth.

Arrange the cress and tortillas on top; sprinkle a little salt. Reserve in the refrigerator and serve with a dressing of your liking. If you want to know more recipes consult the book Mexico Sano, editorial Ambardiseño. Enjoy your meal!

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