Saccharin causes more hunger

An adequate way to reduce the hungry , when you suffer from overweight and obesity, it is through the replacement of foods that provide more calories, such is the case of sweeteners like saccharin, which has been used to try to reduce the consumption of it.

Foods with an excessive content of sugar and fats they generate dependence because they modify the chemistry of our brain , to generate an addiction, as explained by researcher at the Institute of Neurobiology UNAM Juriquilla, Yazmín Macotela , in the following video:

In this regard, various studies, such as Center for Food Behavior Research at Purdue University (USA) , have shown that the consumption of sweeteners has generated modifications in the brain regarding the intake of foods rich in sugars and fats .

In this sense, several experiments carried out in animals (mice) state that consumption of saccharin changes the body's ability to regulate the intake of large amounts of calories, favoring an increase in weight despite its consumption.

Saccharin is different from sugar As it passes directly without being digested by the body, it does not affect the insulin nor glucose levels, so it has been used since the seventies in many foods to try to replace the large amount of sugar required for its production, such is the case of soft drinks.

The basic compound of saccharin is benzoic sulfinide, it does not contain calories and can be (one tablet) 200 to 700 times sweeter than sugar, but it leaves a metallic flavor, so it is often combined with another sweetener , as the aspartame.

The accepted daily dose of saccharin is 5mg / kg of body weight; However, many studies have been carried out in relation to its real effects on the body. So far, it is known to cause headaches, diarrhea, skin rashes, among other allergic reactions.

Previously it had been classified as a carcinogenic food, but this has been reversed thanks to many studies conducted more than ten years ago; However, every day there is increasing evidence that the use of saccharin, as well as other sweeteners, is not an effective strategy to stop the hungry , just like him overweight and obesity .

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Video Medicine: Mayo Clinic Minute: Artificial sweetener debate continues (September 2022).