Ryan Reynolds Exercise Routine

Ryan Reynolds , a Canadian actor of 35 years, is famous for having one of the best-worked bodies of film and television. If you want to check it, you just have to see it in The proposal or in Green Lantern. In GetQoralHealth cloth exercise routine of this celebrity.

Know your training

Your coach is an expert in both physical training and nutrition who instilled the process of visualize the transformation that he had to achieve. According to Reynolds, this is the key to materialize your goals.

However, discipline is basic. Every exercise routine It lasts between two and three hours. Start with ABS and continue with weight training. He exercises 6 days a week.

To achieve marked and well-defined lower obliques, the actor performs leg raises with a medicine ball between his feet, in the abdominal chair, raising and lowering the legs slowly or with a large weight between the feet; Raise your legs while lying on the floor.

Diet out of series

When Ryan was invited to participate in the trilogy Blade, he had to work his body for 6 months. In a recent interview he revealed the guidelines he followed to have a body of "television gladiator" in record time.

One of the secrets was to bring a diet Very strict and controlled by a specialist: I ate something every 2 or 3 hours, without filling, but not without going hungry, getting to do between 8 to 10 small meals throughout the day; I drank between 3 and 4 liters of water daily. its diet Basic was the following:

1. Breakfast: 1/2 cup of egg whites and 2 eggs with some "good" fats like a tablespoon of almond butter or a slice of avocado; a cup of oatmeal, without sugar, cooked with apple sauce and cinnamon to improve the flavor.

2. Half morning: A protein bar.

3. Food: Chicken and vegetables with brown rice.

4. In mid afternoon: Liquefied protein (whey and water), protein bar, an apple and almonds.

5. Dinner. Fish or chicken with salad and vegetables with balsamic vinegar.

According to Ryan this kind of diet it balances blood sugar, which prevents the dreaded spikes of insulin that transforms glucose into fat and that generates more hunger: "This diet gives me the energy I need and I try not to consume carbohydrates after 20:00 hrs" .

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