Running accessories

People say that when they have a good pair of running shoes, they feel more motivated to do this magnificent sports practice .

This is generally true, if you want to get the most out of run , it is necessary to invest in some things. The following are accessories that, although not required to make a certified runner, can make your operation comfortable and without problems.

1. Shorts . Many varieties of shorts are on the market, but there are two that seem to stand out from the rest.

One of them is compression; Similar to cyclist shorts, they are made of fabrics that adapt perfectly to the body so that when the runner is in motion, the muscles remain firmly.

This compression feature offers few friction possibilities. They are also a favorite choice among runners, full or split shorts that have a groove on each side, allowing free movement of the leg.

2. T-shirt Gone are the days of cotton shirts. T-shirts usually made of polyester are the best option for running.

These allow to absorb the sweat of the body and keep the temperature low. Thick long sleeves are recommended during cold climates and thin short sleeves are for warm climates. For support and comfort, women are recommended to wear a sports bra.


GPS watch

3. Socks. The best pair of running socks prevents blisters. Other brands also keep your feet dry and in perfect condition, even after running several kilometers.

4. Reflective vest. This keeps the runner visible, which is very useful for people running along the road or in the dark.

They help avoid accidents and get attention when the runner is injured. Instead of a reflective vest, some runners wear LED bracelets.

5. Heart rate monitor This is important for people who like to keep track of their cardiac output and pulse improvements.

With a chest strap and one for the wrist, the heart rate monitor displays information about the frequency and calories burned.

Depending on the results of the control of heart rate , a broker can calculate if his training is of adequate intensity.

6. Clock. Thanks to its multiple uses, an execution clock is almost a necessity. You can record at a distance, time and rhythm. Most models of watches nowadays also have an index of cardiac function of the monitor, and those that are even more advanced have GPS capabilities.

GPS watches they can monitor the route and the distance information, which are downloaded and stored, to track the operation. However, they are a bit expensive.

7. Belt for running. One of the important accessories, especially among distance runners, is the belt to carry things like the phone, keys, camera, energy bars and gels. Most of these belts are not bulky and do not move while the runner is moving.